Sunway Marketing (Thailand) CO.,LTD.

Sunway Marketing (Thailand) CO.,LTD.

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Sunway Marketing (S) Pte Ltd arose from its humble beginnings servicing and renting machinery equipment in 1975 to a leading one stop provider of Hoses, Fittings, Couplings, Tubes, Accessories today.

The Company being part of the Sunway Trading and Manufacturing Division of the Sunway Group, a leading Malaysian Congolomerate has an extended presence in the Asia Pacific region with manufacturing, operation and warehousing facilities.

The Company offers one stop solutions for your hose and fitting needs and is a stockist for some of the leading brands in the industry. Our own SUNFLEX brand has a proven track for quality and we offer both  excellent pre and post sales services. Our fabrication and Mobile 24 Hour Services provide the added quality and quick response services to our customers.

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199/1 ซอยพระยาสุเรนทร์ 35 ถ. พระยาสุเรนทร์ แขวงบางชัน เขตคลองสามวา กรุงเทพฯ

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199/1 Phraya Suren Road, Bang Chan, Klong Samwa, Bangkok

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